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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Client Testimonials

Here’s what our homeowners, investors, tenants, and others we served have to say about Real Property Management California Coast. And for the infrequent dissatisfied customer, we promise to do our best to quickly make it right.

Homeowners and Property Investors

“My rental property is managed by Real Property Management California Coast. In all the years that I have been renting in Southern California (14 to be exact), I have never had a more responsive management team. They have not only responded immediately but also in a very positive way. Michael Adkins is amazing to work with along with the maintenance person Miguel. Highly recommend and nothing but good things to say.”

– Amy P.
West Hollywood, CA

“We were gone from the LA area for just over a year and used Real Property Management California Coast to find a tenant and manage our property. They did a really wonderful job from start-to-finish. Excellent communication, really great electronic infrastructure that makes everything so simple. They found excellent tenants, and we moved back into our home just recently, and it was just as we left it. Can’t recommend RPM California Coast highly enough, and we’ll definitely use them in the future if we need a property manager!”

-Mimi R.
San Francisco, CA

“I have been using Real Property Management California Coast for almost a year now and I have to say how pleased I am with the way they manage my rental property. Greg Stromberg is the one I deal with primarily there and I have nothing but good stuff to say about the way he has been handling things so far. He has been on top of everything from the very start and his personable and sincere attitude always puts me at ease while dealing with property issues big or small. Everyone in the office seems very capable and always very friendly. I would recommend RPM California Coast’s services to anyone that is looking for a great company to deal with their property management needs, and I look forward to using their services for a long time to come.”

– Amanda B.
Los Angeles, CA

“Real Property Management California Coast is the best in the business. Michael Adkins found my place within an hour and he and his staff have been truly amazing. Gladys and the girls in the office are so professional and are on top of all repairs. Michael is so personable and treats every property like it is his own. I highly recommend RPM California Coast and I am so grateful that I found them! Thank You!!!”

– Kenneth E.
Los Angeles, CA

“I worked with Michael Adkins on the rental of our house in Playa Vista. He truly cares about the property and looks after it as if it was his own. He was successful in getting the perfect tenant and his level of service is professional and beyond exceptional. He’s been a pleasure to work with and I will be using him for all my future rental and property management needs.  It would be a mistake to use anyone else for your property rental needs. Thanks Michael!”

– Sam Y.
Murrieta, CA

Real Property Management California Coast is an amazing team! Our manager, Grace is a pleasure to work with, making our transition to Northern California that much easier. RPM California Coast ensured all grounds were covered, from our first meeting to the very end. They kept an open line of communication which enabled us to feel comfortable with our move. Having hired professionals to move our things into storage, retouch the home for a nominal fee, and most importantly, secured a great tenant for our property at a competitive rate was completely stress-free.

Professionalism, accuracy, reliability is what RPM California Coast is all about. Good luck and Go with RPM!”

-D.J. D.
San Lorenzo, CA

August 16, 2017

Dear Greg Stromberg:

As the owner of Real Property Management California Coast, the odds are great that you hear more complaints than you receive accolades. Please allow this email letter to attempt to relay to you a few of the countless attributes my mom and I have personally experienced while doing business with Real Property Management California Coast.

From our initial telephone call to set an interview appointment many years ago to learn if Real Property Management California Coast would be a good business fit to service then, ten tenants, from our initial crossroads we’ve experienced a personal touch through your previous employees, Grace and Gladys. They did not hesitate to travel to any one of my mom’s properties to resolve a problem.

Years later, from that time to now, being in business you know full well first hand that the requirements of the world we live in have drastically changed. Today’s market asks for more, faster, and sooner, which easily omits the much-needed element of quality, which is still essential to the bottom line, especially in business; However, you and your staff have always provided excellent customer service never omitting one of the most important qualities of all, “No Delays!”

One small example is when multiple tenants experienced a plumbing issue in the middle of the night, Real Property Management California Coast had a technician at the property in record time to bring prompt resolve to the problem, while simultaneously avoiding potential property damage.

Whenever I call or email, while there haven’t been many instances, Real Property Management California Coast, has handled each and every matter with such a personal touch, and in record time, when I’ve been asked who handles my mom’s properties?, my swift response is Real Property Management California Coast in tandem with reasons to recruit your services. Actually one of those referrals reported back to me they’re so pleased with your Property Management skills, their only regret is they should have sought your services sooner!

As my mom liquidates her properties, our business relationship nears its end. Before that occurs, please allow this email letter to inform you without reservation that our experience with Real Property Management California Coast in business has been that you’ve consistently provided seamless quality service despite today’s times demand of more, faster, and sooner.



“My fiancé and I rent a beautiful home managed by Real Property Management California Coast in Playa del Rey. While we have experienced maintenance issues (e.g. Heat out for a while during winter, pool broken at start of summer) since the commencement of our lease, and these issues can take time to investigate and resolve, happily they are ultimately attended to and completed in a satisfactory manner.

Even better though… our landlord precluded pets in our lease. With the help of Mike Adkins, he really really went to bat for us with our landlords and today we are the happy parents of a cute rescue fur-baby!! A so-so property management company wouldn’t have listed a finger, a great one successfully advocated on our behalf. That’s saying a lot about the people behind the company. We are happy enough to extend our lease a year before it expires!!”

– Jasmine F.
Santa Monica, CA

“My fiancé and I rent the home of our dreams from Real Property Management California Coast. The one and only disappointment has been the owner’s reluctance, after a particularly negative experience with a prior tenant, to allow us to have a pet. Michael Adkins went above and beyond, doing everything in his power, to help champion our desire and help make the owner understand how much we love their house and have treated it like our own. Today we got the GREAT news!!!! The owners have kindly given their consent. WE’RE GETTING A DOG!!! Michael Adkins, you are our HERO!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– David H.
Santa Monica, CA

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