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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

9 Things Modern Renters Want to See in their El Segundo Rental Homes

Couple Sitting on Outdoor Patio with String LightsAs a single-family El Segundo rental property owner, your renter’s needs are foremost in your mind. The moment you identify the needs of these renters, the sooner you can have your property ready for these higher-paying renters. Addressing every specific need of every renter demographic may be daunting but we can start with the basic needs of every tenant for a rental home. The following are the essentials. Does your El Segundo rental property meet the minimum?

1. Location

There’s nothing much you can do about this but the top-selling point for renters is the right location. This may mean proximity to parks, public transit, and shopping centers for single-family rental homes. On top of that, a safe and attractive neighborhood.

2. Safety

Tenants must feel safe in their rental homes. While security in your property may be dependent on its location, there are ways to improve your property’s security features. Good quality exterior doors, sturdy locks, and an alarm system all help in bringing tenant anxiety down.

3. Convenient Payment Options

Along with safety, tenants also want to pay their rent easily and conveniently each month. Landlords who accept secure online payment are preferred by renters. With this method, the tenant can pay without hassle so the landlord can most likely receive the rent on time and in full.

4. Move-in Ready Condition

It is a good idea for property owners to show their property to renters only after cleaning and repairs are made. This is because renters usually want a rental home that is move-in ready. So it is important to finish property maintenance and repairs before renters take a look. This way, your chance of having a new tenant renting your property will greatly increase.

5. Appliances

If your El Segundo rental home doesn’t already include appliances, it’s best that they have it. Appliances are a big draw for many renters since many do not want to go through the trouble of buying them themselves. Just the same for old appliances – don’t expect tenants to just wing it out with a run-down stove or dishwasher. The key is finding appliances of good quality but reasonably priced, that way you can increase the attractiveness of your rental house and get tenants easier.

6. Upgrades

Your rental house must have updates and stay “current”. While you should regularly update countertops, appliances, faucets, and light fixtures, modern renters are also interested in newer, tech-friendly upgrades. Smart thermostats, video doorbells, and plentiful USB outlets are popular features many renters are looking for.

7. Outdoor Space

Modern renters want to gather and have fun. That means they need some extra space. But if your El Segundo rental has limited inside space you can create an outdoor gathering space that will still attract your renters. You can do this by adding a patio or deck and start attracting great renters!

8. Flexible Lease Options

Often, tenants’ plans may be unpredictable. While property owners sometimes offer long-term leases exclusively, this may turn out to be the deal-breaker for renters. You can fix this by giving your would-be tenants a choice of lease lengths. You will reach more tenants this way and ones that won’t break the lease after a few months.

9. A Responsive Landlord

Lastly, what renters would appreciate very much in a rental property is a responsive, professional landlord. Successful rental property management is built on the landlord-tenant relationship, making it all the more important to ensure that you communicate regularly and often with your tenant and respond promptly to repair requests.

But property management is such a huge responsibility. Why not consider entrusting your El Segundo property management to the experts at Real Property Management California Coast? We can help you maximize the appeal of your rental property while also managing tenant relations so you can keep your sanity intact. Contact us online or give us a call at 310-535-2150.

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