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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

End of Year Resident Retention

As the end of 2017 quickly approaches it is in an investment property homeowners best interested to take the time to reflect on the success and improvements of your rental property throughout the year. However, the holidays are the perfect time for homeowners to focus on their family and friends, making property management services even merrier this time of year. Don’t start the new year on a bad foot with your residents if you have neglected important repair issues. This can often lead to tenants not renewing their contracts in the following year, then you are left searching for new tenants. 

Many people commit to a  New Year’s resolutions that that is all-too-soon forgotten, but we encourage you to start your resolution early this holiday season and carry it into the new year for better retention rates.

Check out these two tips to start the new year with very merry residents: 

1- Respond Promptly 

Nothing is worse during the holiday season than waiting in long lines, only to receive less-than-cheerful customer service. While you are an investment property owner, it is important that you use a property management team that responds promptly, and does so in a professional and positive manner. This establishes a good rapport with your residents and influences their decision on where they will live next year.  

2- “Holiday Hours” 

Property management is an all-hours job, with many repair emergencies happening in the middle of the night. Both you and your tenants will be happy when your property management team continues this service through one of the busiest times of the year. 

If you stick to these tips this holiday season then you’re already off to a good start in having higher retention rates for your new year. 

If you would like more information about our property management services, contact us today. 

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