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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Carson Landlords: Do You Really Want to Know Your Residents?

The relationship between landlord and resident draws out some fine lines you do not want to risk crossing. For the security of your business, and your sanity, maintaining an anonymous, professional relationship with your residents is a handy way to keep things running efficiently. By having the Real Property Management California Coast team on your side, we handle the messy and often stressful problems so you don’t have to.

Maintain Distance

As a landlord, forming relationships with your residents is easy. Appliances need fixing, and the property needs tending; you may be seeing a resident every month or so depending on the situation. When you constantly have to visit someone renting your property, a friendship can potentially form. Suddenly you realize your resident has your private phone number and maybe even knows where you live. This can be harmless until a resident becomes bitter over an issue with the property. The risk in this is having too close of a relationship with your tenant and in result not wanting to be the “bad guy” if something goes wrong, when the resident can’t pay rent, etc. You end up in a situation you never wanted to be in just from being a helpful landlord.

How We Can Help

Your resident might also try and take advantage of you. By having a property manager, you totally avoid these issues. We handle everything from background checks to broken rules and rent is past due. We study local and federal laws so you don’t have to, and we enforce them with your residents to make sure there is always a clear understanding that the relationship we have is strictly professional. This eliminates you from the conflict wholly by being anonymous.

Avoid Conflict of Interest

Perhaps being a landlord is not the only type of business you are in. Being in politics, owning a restaurant, or any kind of public career can cause conflict with residents attempting to rent from you. If they recognize your name from elsewhere, then they might already have a preconceived idea of the type of person you are. Whether it is good, or misjudged, having a property management team behind you eliminates the risk entirely and protects your identity. Having that protection is handy when a resident has to be evicted from a property and wants to take it out of the owner, especially if you run another business. You don’t want a resident leaving a negative review of your business online because of an issue with a rental property. Why risk having your reputation undone if you don’t have to?

There are no regrets in keeping your business anonymous and secure. To learn more about the services Real Property Management California Coast offers, contact us today.


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