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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

2018 Planning Tips for El Segundo Real Estate Investment

A brand new year often means new opportunities for most people; nonetheless, regarding financing, the holiday season will leave many closing their pocketbooks and starting to save. This feeling might be escalated if you are attempting to invest in rental property.

Whether investing in real property is new with you, or if that is the third or fourth house, you still are knowledgeable concerning the overpowering feeling that you get when you are asked to put 20 percent down on a property. This original investment might feel extremely difficult initially, but if you use the below tips from Real Property Management California Coast you can start the new year off right.

The advantages are many as soon as you’ve made the first step in the investment real estate world, and together with the expert advice of your property management team, this investment will soon be the highlight of this year when you determine how it can repay.

1-Establish budget early on 

While budgeting can feel hard at the start of the calendar year, it’s essential that you begin saving instantly in the event that you want to buy rental property. By establishing your financial plan and sticking with it early on, you might begin searching for properties that are in your spending limit, which can help save you money and time in the long-run whenever you’re prepared to make the purchase.

2-Get a side-hustle

Furthermore, look at taking on side-hustles, or freelance opportunities, to raise the 20% required for a deposit. This could indicate you take on extra hours on the job, just take fewer days off at the start of the calendar year, start up a side/weekend project like Uber, or maybe a variety of different opportunities according to your skill set. A couple hard-working months on the first day of the year may pay off since it comes to the opportune moment to obtain your perfect property and call it your own.

3-Buy a fixer-upper 

In spite of budgeting and also doing a side job, you may still feel as if you don’t have enough for the downpayment. Therefore, consider what you are able to afford. A way to lower your total down payment is to buy a fixer-upper. Homes that require repair are substantially more affordable and offer the benefit of letting you prepare it as you please into your prospective occupants. Repairing and remodeling yourself, or using a staff, might even be a fun venture for the calendar year.


Use the above tips to purchase your 2018 investment rental property and contact Real Property Management California Coast for assistance in managing your property.  

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