Hawthorne Property Management

Hawthorne Property Management Out of many Hawthorne property management companies, one stands above the rest. One that values your property and your time. One that offers exceptional service for a very reasonable fee. Real Property Management has been in business for over 20 years. We have expanded our reach across the country. We have been entrusted with the management of thousands of rental properties, both residential and commercial. Take a look at our credentials, and youíll see why!

Experienced Hawthorne Property Management

We didnít gain influence over our industry with mediocrity. Our exceptional service has allowed us to spread our reach across the country, and weíve become very influential in the Hawthorne property management market. Our managers are experts in the local scene, and they take care of each property as if it is their own. Now, you can relax. Use your valuable time for more important things. Let Real Property Management oversee your investment, and you can rest easy, knowing that itís being carefully watched. Just kick back, relax, and wait for your monthly rent checks!

Once youíve hired us to manage your property, we start by advertising. Our vast resources give it incredible exposure. The more people can see it, the more prospective tenants there are! All prospects are thoroughly screened. This ensures that only reliable tenants are chosen. We direct all processes from this point on, until the last tenant moves out. This is partially accomplished with our online tools, which allow property owners and tenants alike to instantly access to forms and relevant information, among other things. One of our most attractive traits is that we take care of all maintenance and legal issues that arise, including evictions! Now you can see why Real Property Management is your #1 choice for Hawthorne property management!

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